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Animal Removal Alpharetta GeorgiaWith a population of 63,038 in 2014, Alpharetta, Georgia, is an upscale city located in Fulton County that features a thriving community, a growing number of businesses, many local attractions, and several special events throughout the year.  The community faces animal removal alpharetta need and every day seems to increase.  Forsyth Widlife is the animal pest control and pest removal company the has been servicing the Alpharetta area for over 35 years.

Despite this northern Atlanta suburb being a fun, bustling community to live in, sometimes Alpharetta residents are faced with nuisance wildlife infestations at their homes and places of business (the need for animal removal Alpharetta service is crucial).  Pest or Animals such as snakes, squirrels, raccoon, bees, and opossum.  Alpharetta is one of the many cities in the North Atlanta area that we service at Forsyth Wildlife. We frequently deal with two of the most common types of squirrels found in Georgia: the gray squirrel and the flying squirrel. Gray squirrels are mostly active during the day and larger than their “flying” counterparts; flying squirrels are nocturnal, so they’re more active at nighttime.  They as well as the rats chew electrical wires and cause lots of damage to insulation and structures.

Alpharetta Squirrel Control and Animal Removal

Squirrels are seen as cute and charming when they’re spotted outdoors in nature, but they can quickly become pests when they infest and destroy private residences and buildings. They are able to enter buildings through openings of almost any size. Squirrels are known to invade attics, then nest and reproduce inside them, and they can damage electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems and insulation. They can also introduce other nuisances and hazards, like bacteria, insects, and viruses, to places where people dwell and work.

Our wildlife trapping and removal professionals at Forsyth Wildlife are trained to eliminate squirrel infestations from homes and businesses. We can perform an exclusion, a process that involves sealing all openings through which squirrels might enter the building (construction gaps, soffit-to-roof areas, vents, etc) to prevent them from getting back inside, and set up live traps to remove and relocate the animals.

If you need assistance with squirrel control and removal in Alpharetta, contact Forsyth Wildlife at 770-889-0954 today. We are ready and willing to help you with any of your wildlife animal removal needs.

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