Animal Removal Atlanta, Georgia

Animal Removal Atlanta Georgia

Atlanta is the most heavily populated city in Georgia, but people are not the only ones who make up the capital city’s numerous population. Atlanta is also home to wildlife that can become nuisances when they enter dwellings or buildings where they do not belong. These nuisance animals include squirrels.

At Forsyth Wildlife, our wildlife trapping and animal removal professionals have the training and expertise to eradicate squirrel infestations in Atlanta. We service both residential and commercial clients in the North Atlanta area.

Atlanta Squirrel Removal and Animal Control

Most often, our customers who contact us to handle squirrel control and removal in Atlanta are dealing with one of two types of squirrels commonly found in Georgia: flying squirrels and gray squirrels. Flying squirrels are small, nocturnal creatures with chestnut to gray fur and white bellies; gray squirrels have gray or brownish fur and white bellies, and they are more active during the daytime.

When squirrels enter homes or businesses and begin to nest and reproduce there, they can become nuisances in a variety of ways. Squirrels can destroy insulation and plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. They can carry viruses, bacteria, and insects into the places they infest, and they are able to find their way into buildings through holes and openings of varying sizes.

The best way to deal with a squirrel infestation in Atlanta is by enlisting the help of a wildlife trapping and removal professional. That’s where the experts at Forsyth Wildlife come in. We can exclude squirrels from your home or place of business by sealing any openings the animals might use to enter the building, and to ensure the animals have been removed from the property, we can set up live traps to capture and relocate them.

Call Forsyth Wildlife at 770-889-0954 to learn more information about our squirrel control and animal removal Atlanta Services today! We also specialize in the control and removal of other wildlife animals, including bats, mice, rats, raccoons, and snakes.