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Animal Removal Dunwoody GeorgiaAt Forsyth Wildlife, we provide our services to many cities in the North Atlanta area, including Dunwoody. Located in DeKalb County, Georgia,  Dunwoody is a family-friendly northern suburb of Atlanta that offers a convenient location, great local businesses, and fantastic attractions and events. But even such a beautiful place to live can have its share of nuisance wildlife. If you’re trying to figure out how to manage a nuisance wildlife infestation at your Dunwoody home or workplace, our trained wildlife trapping and removal professionals at Forsyth Wildlife can help you with your problem.

Common wildlife pests encountered in Georgia are flying squirrels (small, nocturnal critters) and gray squirrels (unlike flying squirrels, these creatures are larger and active during the daylight hours). These animals, while cute when spotted in nature, can swiftly turn into pests when they find their way into private residences or buildings where they don’t belong. Squirrels make nuisances of themselves in a variety of ways. They can harm people by carrying viruses, bacteria, and insects into the building where they’ve built their nest and begun to reproduce, and they can damage property by destroying insulation and a building’s electrical and plumbing systems.

Dunwoody Squirrel and Animal Removal

Forsyth Wildlife’s wildlife trapping and removal professionals have the skills and know-how to help you eradicate any nuisance wildlife problem you’re suffering from at your property. Give us a call at 770-889-0954 to learn about our squirrel and animal removal services in animal removal Dunwoody. We’ll be happy to schedule a free quote for you and send one of our wildlife specialists to your home or place of business to inspect the property and create a customized treatment plan for you. Forsyth Wildlife features wildlife exclusions, baiting and trapping, and animal removal and relocation services to rid our customers of their nuisance wildlife problems.