Decontamination of Attics after Animal Removal

Picture of a product use the disinfect attics

After your home has been wildlife-proofed!

In the state of Georgia animal wildlife such as rats and squirrels cleanup and decontamination is very important to homes and businesses for a number of reasons. On top of the list is the health of the family, employees, and customers; then, the safety of their environments, and the protection of value and materials.  On many ocacions, electrical fires and the prevention of diseases are important reasons to make sure the attic and interior environments are clean and animal wildlife proof. The Insulation Removal and/or replacing is an important part of the cleanup and decontamination process.  Additonal steps include, disinfecting, deodorizing, plumbing pipe & electrical wire inspections. The removal of nuisance wildlife animals and the Full Home Exclusion of these pests is also part of the process.

Prevent further entry of animals such as rats, mice, bats, squirrels and raccoons, and after all animals have been successfully trapped and removed from your home, it is a very important step to perform a decontamination of the areas which were infested.  As you are probably aware, animal urine and feces leave behind many contaminants, viruses, germs, and even diseases, which can leave your home an unhealthy place to live.  However, with our decontamination services, you can have the peace of mind that all germs, viruses, bacteria and other contaminants are taken care of.  Once the decontamination is performed, your home will return to it’s clean and healthy original state, as it was before your unwanted guests invaded your home.  In some cases of heavy activity, in order to completely decontaminate the infested areas, we will recommend our animal feces removal services.  For example, flying squirrels will often invade attics and will leave feces in the same concentrated areas.  These are typically easy to spot and fairly straightforward to clean up.  However, other animals such as grey squirrels, rats and mice, will defecate throughout the attic space, making it nearly impossible to remove the feces without entirely removing and replacing the insulation.  In the cases of light to moderate activity, however, our disinfection service is very effective in ridding the treated areas of germs and other contaminants even if the actual feces is not removed.