Insulation Remediation



Insulation RemediationIf your home has had a heavy infestation of rats, squirrels, or other nuisance wildlife, it is recommended that you consider removing the contaminated insulation and replacing with new insulation.

This is our recommendation several different reasons.

First, in the event of heavy activity, the invading animals actually trample on and beat down the material.  This literally destroys the existing R-Value, which is the insulating property that keeps the heat and cool air inside your home.  With destroyed or damaged insulation due to animal entry, your heating and cooling units are working year-round to keep your home’s temperature regulated.  This can skyrocket your energy and gas bills, so paying attention to your insulation’s condition and replacing if necessary is key to keep your energy bills in check.

Second, in cases of heavy infestation, it can be nearly impossible to physically remove all the feces from the insulating material.  The invading animals’ urine soaks into the insulation, and the feces are throughout the attic space.  Heavily-soiled product cannot be easily disinfected with our routine disinfection and sanitizing services.  The best way to ensure that your attic is returned to a healthy state after a heavy animal infestation is to completely remove the contaminated insulation and replace with new one.

Lastly, there are some animals that pose an elevated risk to humans, especially when their feces are present in living spaces.  Bats will commonly roost in gable vents and attic rafters, leaving heavy amounts of guano below their roosting cites.  Guano contains spores that become airborne and can cause a lung disease known as histoplasmosis.  Additionally, raccoon latrines often contain a parasite known as raccoon roundworm, which can be very toxic to humans.  If these types of harmful organisms are present in your attic insulation, it is highly recommended to remove all insulation and heavily sanitize and disinfect before replacing with new insulation.  We offer complete insulation feces clean up, so inquire today by calling one of our knowledgeable professionals.