Flying Squirrel Removal

Flying squirrels are small squirrels that can be very active at night.  They reproduce fast and will take over attics and homes in a very short time.  A part of flying squirrels can produce a few dozen babies in a short period of time.  It is based on experience that Forsyth Wildlife can say that the maximum number of flyers every pull out of a 2500 square feet home is 72 for the pass decade or so.

Forsyth Wildlife has been specializing in the capturing and excluding flying squirrels or small squirrels form homes and businesses.  Flyers seem and sound very loud in attics. (have been compare to a soccer game in the attic and a group of kids running around in the attic.)  These small squirrels are just extremely active and agile.  A Flying squirrel can be active all night and can go in and out the attic many times per day.  Flying squirrels use small entrance holes to get in or out of attics and structures.

Why are the flying squirrels in my attic?

Their diet is weird and most of the time they are not looking for food inside attics.  Flyers are looking for shelter and a home.  The animals nest, have babies, and sharpen their teeth with attic’s wood, cables and plumbing pipes.  When they have their babies, the new small squirrels get used to the attic habitat and rarely leave for good.  The need for professional flying exclusion and extraction services is crucial at this point.  It is difficult for handyman, roofers, and even homeowners to tackle the flying squirrel problem on their own.  Contact Forsyth Wildlife for assistance with flying squirrel removal (678) 341-4945.


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Flying Squirrel Removal