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Bats are meant outdoors, having a bat inside a home or business is not a good practice.  Call for the professional bat removal techs of Forsyth Wildlife.



atlanta_bat_removalWhen I was a kid one of my favorite books to read was about bats.   The name of that book escapes me now but I can still remember that feeling of pure curiosity about the winged mammal and its habits.   These days my conversations about bats to revolve on capture and removal but I still enjoy any opportunity I have to discuss about their habits.

Bats were given the name Chiroptera, meaning “hand-wing”, due to the fact that they are the only mammal who can actually fly.   Wings of bats are supported by bones, found in their arms and fingers.  The wing is made of a thin membrane that can extend all the way to their tails.     It is a common misconception that bats are completely blind.  The eyesight in some species is quite good in fact.  Bats travel at night so their eyes have evolved to see in dim lighting.    They also have a handy tool called Echolocation.    Sound waves are used to detect objects and thus they are enabled to be very agile fliers even in the darkness of night.  

They eat a variety of insects including beetles, mosquitoes, moths, and more.     They can be located in a widespread of habitats including dry, upland pine forests, hardwood forests nearby the banks of rivers, and any place similar or between.     It is certainly not uncommon to see them hanging out in your neighborhood either.    Bats tend to roost in two different types of groups.  The first is referred to as colonial, meaning more than one will stay together as a colony to rest.    The second is known as solitary, it roosts alone.     The natural roosting sites are in caves, cracks, or even hollows of trees.  

Bats live the longest of small mammals. Some can live up to 30 tears in the proper environment.      Mating season is in the fall and winter.  Females will give birth to one bat, referred to as a pup, in the spring when the insect populations are high.    For mammals they are rather slow at reproducing.  

My first childhood experience with bats was a pleasant one however, that is not the case for the majority.     As a common participant in horror stories and films humans are conditioned to fear rather than appreciate bats.     They truly can be beneficial to society.  You know all those pesky insects that tend to come around?  Bats eat those.  There is even one bat that can eat 3,000 insects each night.   How’s that for spring cleaning?   

It’s important to remember that bats are wild creatures.    They belong in the wild if you see one don’t try and pick it up.    If one does happen to get into the home it was most likely by accident.  Simply open all exterior doors to allow it to fly out.  Bats can bite so if it doesn’t make it outside make sure to put on heavy gloves before removing it yourself.   If it does bite you, get medical attention immediately and have the bat checked for rabies.  

Some bats may make homes in the eaves of your house or in your attic.  If you see more than one bat in your home you may need an bat removal service or exclusion.   Professionals can be hired to complete bat removal services for you.

Areas Forsyth Wildlife service:

Bad odor in my Home or Place of Business


Bad odor control is animal control in many occasions.


Bad odor in homes can be from animals such as rats, squirrels, raccoon, bats, snakes, and many other wildlife animals that nest, use the home and attic as a toilet, and use the attic as a place to have babies.

Bad odor in business can come from dead animals or large amount of feces in warehouses, fields, and around office ceilings.

This is a picture of a squirrel nest in an attic which is the reason of bad odor many times

Bat Removal Cost and Management


Bat Removal Cost and Management is a best practice for home and businesses around N. Georgia.


bat guano

Bats are a very common nuisance for Georgia residences and businesses. 

The most commonly found bat in the Metro Atlanta and North Georgia area is the Little Brown Bat.  While measuring no more than about four inches in length, these tiny creatures roost in very large numbers.
Due to their diminishing natural habitats, bats are literally forced to roost anywhere that is readily available.  Most often, they will roost in gables, gable vents, and attics.  Because they all congregate in a concentrated area, the bat guano that falls directly underneath the roosting site is a tell-tale sign that bats are present in a structure.  The bat guano often contains spores of the histoplasmosis capsulation fungus, which can cause an infectious lung disease called histoplasmosis when inhaled by humans.   Due to the dangers associated with bats and that these creatures are protected by Department of Natural Resources, it is always highly recommended to contract an experienced professional to remove them, perform a cleanup and disinfecting service, and to seal the structure so that they cannot return.

The removal process itself can be fairly inexpensive if the bats are in an easily accessible area.  A common price range for removal is between $350 and $550.  In most cases cleanup is recommended to rid the areas of any potentially harmful germs. Then most structures require exclusion services to seal open entryways and potential roosting sites to prevent them from returning.  Both cleanup and exclusion services will raise the cost of ridding a structure of bats, and can commonly range from $450 to $2000, depending on the size of the home and severity of the bat problem.  While these numbers do not represent every job, they are provided in order to give you an idea of what it may cost to resolve a bat problem in a typical Metro-Atlanta home.

After the bats have been removed from the structure and it has been disinfected, cleaned, deodorized and sealed to prevent their re-entry, it is highly advisable to install a bat house within 20 feet of the structure.   Many people think that installing bat houses will actually attract bats and encourage them to live nearby, which generally no one is fond of.  However, the exact opposite is true.  By installing bat houses, you are only increasing your chances that the bats will not return to roost in or on your house.  Giving them a comfortable place to live is the best way to ensure that your home remains bat-free.

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Bats in Georgia | Small Brown


Bats Removal and Check ValveThere are 16 different kinds of bats found in the state of Georgia.  Some of these animals will not leave caves and or the wild, but a few species will roost inside buildings and structures.  The Big Brown Bat and the little brown bat are the two most commonly found bat s inhabiting human environments.

Species of Bats

Both species of bat feed primarily over wetlands and other bodies of still water where insects are abundant.  Due to the favorable and moist climate conditions of Georgia, bat roost in buildings and structures.  Rivers, streams, and trails are perfect places for abundance of bats.  Bat s will swoop down close to mammals to feed on the insects that swarm around them.  They will roost around humans to be close to water and food.