Bee Removal Cost and Management

Bee removal cost and management


Bee RemovalBees are highly beneficial to our ecosystem. Without bees, pollination would not occur and the effects would be devastating.
However, bees are a common nuisance in Metro-Atlanta due to their painful, and even deadly for some, stings. Many types of bees and wasps are a nuisance in and around homes and businesses. The most common types of nuisance bees are:

Carpenter Bees, Paper Wasps, Yellow Jackets, Hornets and Honey Bees. Depending on what type of bee problem you have and how difficult treatment and removal is, the price typically ranges from $75 to $450.

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Bees in Georgia


There are many different kinds and species of bees in Georgia.

Honey BeeCarpenter Bees drill holes into siding, fascia boards and other wood that is present on a structure. They lay their eggs inside the hole that is drilled, and once the egg has formed into an adult, it emerges to mate. Once the emerging bee is ready to lay its egg, it will then proceed to drill a new hole right beside its original exit hole. So you can easily see that a Carpenter Bee problem will not go away on its own, but will in fact progressively result in more damage to your home with each passing year the problem isn’t resolved. In order to eradicate Carpenter Bees, each individual hole must be treated and possibly sealed.

Paper Wasps are common nuisance pests in Georgia. They can nest in large number in attic spaces, and later make their way into the living spaces of the home. However, they most commonly nest on porch awnings and underneath decks or other rain-protected areas, so they are
usually easily accessible. Treatment of these pests is typically inexpensive when they are nesting on the outside of a home.

Yellow Jackets are a very aggressive type of hornet that has a very painful sting. They often build their comb-like nests underground, but can occasionally nest behind siding or even inside a home or structure. They are social insects, so eliminating the nest and queen is key to resolving a Yellow Jacket problem. Locating the nest is often the most challenging step to treatment.

European Hornets are one of the most aggressive pests in Georgia.
Their stings are extremely painful, and they nest in very large numbers. They build a paper-like nest around their queen, often very high from the ground. While they are mostly spotted in tree limbs, it is also fairly common for these pests to build their nests in the highest eaves of a home. Due to the fact that they are usually so high from the ground, combined with their aggressive nature, make removal highly dangerous and therefore one of the most costly types of bees to remove. It is highly recommended that you hire a professional for removal of a hornet’s nest, since special equipment, suiting and fall protection are often needed to avoid an attack while working on a ladder.

While many people enjoy eating honey, not many people like having to deal with Honey Bees inside their home. They often nest inside wall voids, making removal very complicated and costly. Not only do the bees have to be removed, but their honeycomb has to be extracted from the nesting site as well. If not removed, the honeycomb will begin to decompose and the honey will seep into the walls, causing damage and attracting more pests. It is often necessary to cut sheetrock or remove other construction materials while simultaneously treating, so attacks during treatment are inevitable without the proper protecting clothing.