Bad odor in my Home or Place of Business


Bad odor control is animal control in many occasions.


Bad odor in homes can be from animals such as rats, squirrels, raccoon, bats, snakes, and many other wildlife animals that nest, use the home and attic as a toilet, and use the attic as a place to have babies.

Bad odor in business can come from dead animals or large amount of feces in warehouses, fields, and around office ceilings.

This is a picture of a squirrel nest in an attic which is the reason of bad odor many times

Humane Squirrel Removal



Live Animal Trapping and RemovalHave you reached your wits end with those pesky squirrels in your attic?  If you are ready to permanently evict these annoying and destructive pests, please read on the Humane Squirrel Removal program.  Forsyth Wildlife does humane squirrel removal and is aware that squirrels are an important part of Georgia wildlife and always places an emphasis on removing the animals in the most humane way possible.  The company has used in excess of thousands of live traps to remove squirrels form attics and other areas.  These traps work by attracting the animal inside and capturing it without harming it.  After squirrels are captured, they are relocated to a natural habitat away from structures where the animals can thrive.  All our professional wildlife trappers have a true love for animals and nature, while at the same time are well-trained and aware of the damage they do to homes & structures. It is important to note that despite our efforts to save as many squirrels as possible when removing them from attics and other places, these animals could be already sick or weak when we trap them, so we can not guarantee that all animals will survive the trapping process despite our efforts.