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Snake CapturedI was sitting at my desk one afternoon when I received a rushed message from my mom. ‘You’ll never guess what I found’, it read. A moment later I received a photo of a black snake lying across her front yard. A quick phone call and I found that it been there for a while, without moving. It pays to know someone in the business because within moments I arranged to have one of our technicians swing by her home. As suspected it was already dead so the tech was able to easily remove it from the premises.

There is no denying that snakes tend to come with a bad reputation. How much of this is based in fact?

There are 44 species of snakes living in the state of Florida. Of these 44, only 6 are poisonous. Of these 6, only 4 are widespread. This leads to chance of having a venomous snake in your yard very low.

But what happens if you do see a snake? Snakes tend to always be on the move and travel in a large radius. If you see one in your yard chances are it’s already far away when you step out the following day. Snakes only attack if provoked, so unless a pet or loved one is in danger it’s best to ignore them.

My mother found a dead snake in her front yard, but if it had been alive, most likely it would have crawled out of sight and been long gone the following day.

Don’t think snakes are only there to look cool. Surprisingly enough snakes are great at catching rodents, the very same rodents that chew on gardens and carry diseases. They are reptiles, with no arms and scales on the outside. They are carnivores; they must eat other animals in order to survive. Traveling from place to place by is completed by using the muscles on their scaled bellies. If you see a snake going about its business on a sunny day-leave it be. Snakes tend to bite only when they feel threatened.

There are even snakes that are protected as endangered species, such as the Eastern Indigo snake.

Let’s say you do see a snake, however it’s INSIDE your building, not outside. What are your options? A common method pf catching snakes is a glueboard. (Which is simply a piece of board with several rodent glue traps on top). It’s best to place it on the sides of the walls as snakes like to move along hard corners. Drill a hole into the board so you can remove it with a hook if a snake is caught, it’s best to keep your distance. Keep in mind that the glueboard can also catch cats, small dogs, and other household pets so be sure to place it where nothing but the snake can reach it. Finding a snake in a building is often a sign of rodents-that snake may have come inside for lunch. Have an investigator come out to see if an Exclusion and/or trapping may be necessary. Rodent feeders in the yard can also contribute to attracting snakes to the area.

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